Dark Knight And Green Lantern Writers Might Hold The Key To Saving Akira

Dark Knight And Green Lantern Writers Might Hold The Key To Saving AkiraPre-production on Warner Bros. Akira was brought to a screeching halt with staff sent home and offices closed. It would seem that the project is mortally wounded. So… who might save it?

Though neither has been contracted yet, the studio are said to be considering Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan, writer on The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises; and Michael Green, one of the many writers on the Green Lantern movie and an alum of Smallville and Heroes.

I think they think they're shopping for a comic book expert, but god help them if they think they're looking for somebody with credibility in the core comics-to-film audience.

The film is currently budgeted at around $90 million. According to Variety this is not so much the problem as the screenplay. The new writer is apparently being sought to fix problems the studio have identified in the "character elements" and "the pic's look."

That's right. They're looking to a writer to give the film a better "look."

Akira is on it's knees, but it might rise again. Here's hoping they shake it up entirely. Getting a new writer in is a great idea, but let me also suggest cutting loose director Jaume Collet-Sera and star Garret Hedlund. Doesn't a clean slate sound so much better than cosmetic surgery?