Noah Didn't Come To Comic-Con, But Darren Aronofsky Did Take His Film To A Church Conference Instead

Russle Crowe NoahI'm currently at Star Wars Celebration in Germany and I'm seeing some interesting new exclusive stuff, including a showing of Attack of the Clones in 3D. Meanwhile, Brendon is about to return home from his trip to Comic-Con, where he saw a number of exciting new and exclusive things. We didn't go to Echo 2013, a church conference in Texas, this past week though.

But I kind of wish I did. Darren Aronofsky rolled up there to show the attendants footage from his upcoming Noah pic and he seemed to find a very appreciative audience.

THR reported on the story and found some Tweets from those that attended, including the following.



Amazing would seem to be the key takeaway here.

Someone at the event posted a video of Aronofsky's introduction online but it's since been taken down by Paramount. I shall keep my eyes peeled in case it appears again but THR thankfully pulled some quotes from the intro. Aronofsky talked about how he was inspired by the experience he had as a child writing a poem about Noah and reading it in front of the United Nations. He then went on to say,

I'm also excited that Hollywood has finally agreed to make the first biblical epic in almost 50 years… It's been a long time since Bible movies were on the screen, and there's been a lot of advancements in technology and special effects, and maybe that's the reason why Noah's never been attempted on the big screen before because of the size and scale of the deluge and all the different animals…But now, finally, with Hollywood's help, we can actually do this and bring it to life.

Christian audiences made a huge difference to the box office takings of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ and this was no doubt helped by the way in which Gibson and co. courted that audience. Warner Brothers also recently made an effort in that direction with Man of Steel, so it's probably no surprise to see Aronofsky going down this route with Noah.

Noah will be released in the UK and America on the 28th of March 2014.

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