Dave Bautista Joins Blade Runner Sequel

bautistaFollowing rumors earlier this morning, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy and Skyfall actor Dave Bautista has joined the cast of the untitled Blade Runner sequel.

He joins the returning Harrison Ford and actors Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright in a world where acid rain rules the skies and synthetic humanoids called Replicants make their way to Earth to live as humans and obtain some sort of longevity past their engineered four-year life spans.

Or, at least, that was the world as we saw it in Ridley Scott's original film. The sequel is said to be set decades later and may see the world in a different light. Based on an idea by Scott and the original film's screenwriter Hampton Fancher, all other details of the script — written by Fancher and Michael Green — are as closely a guarded secret as the key to giving the Nexus-7s more life.

Production is expected to being in July.