DC Films Continues To Evolve With Reported Change In Producer Charles Roven's Role

rovenDC Films continues its evolution as word comes that veteran producer Charles Roven's role in the division will change.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Roven will "segue to a different role going forward" and move away from day-to-day productions of the films, which include the upcoming Aquaman, Flash and rumored Suicide Squad spinoffs.

Roven has been a producer on DC-based films since Batman Begins and prior to that produced films like 12 Monkeys and Fallen. He was also the vocal proponent of DC Films being a director-driven forum despite an unofficial creative brain trust consisting of himself, Warner Bros. Pictures executive vice president Jeff Berg, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman director and producer Zach and Deborah Snyder and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns charting the broad strokes of the proposed films.

The change comes in the wake of news that Berg and Johns will head the reorganized DC Films following the box office and critical reception of Batman v Superman.