Deadpool Banned In China Over Content Concerns

deadpoolxmasAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool's R-rated content has cost it a Chinese release.

Citing local news outlets and their own sources, THR claims the film cannot be altered to conform to the standards of China's regulator body — the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television — without creating story problems. The country lacks a graded warning system, so films like Deadpool face a pass/fail review for suitability.

Since the film was willed into existence following the release of test footage, director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds have championed the more graphic and risque elements of the character and how he perceives the world. It recently received an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America's Classification and Ratings Administration.

Without a less extreme version available, it seems the Merc with the Mouth will not cast his spell over the Chinese market. Of course, Deadpool has faced tough odds before. But both he and 20th Century Fox have yet to comment.

In the US, the film arrives on February 12th.