Director And Studio Reportedly Drop The Raid: Redemption Remake

raid-redemptionAccording to The Tracking Board (via Slashfilm), the Hollywood remake of The Raid: Redemption is in a bit of trouble. Specifically: director Patrick Hughes and studio Screen Gems (a Sony company) have exited the project.

The original 2011 Indonesian film, in which a SWAT team makes its way through a fortified apartment block containing some of the world's most ruthless drug lords, surprised audiences upon its release. Screen Gems' fellow Sony company Stage 6 distributed the film and its sequel, The Raid 2 in the States. A remake was quickly put into place with original writer/direct Gareth Evans attached as a producer and assisting with the script.

It is unclear how — or if — the project will go forward. The remake has been in development for sometime, and its continued postponement is suggested as a reason for Hughes's departure.