Doctor Who is Headed to the Old West for New Episode, More Details of Next Series

Last month, a comment on the Bleeding Cool forum seemed to be giving us good information on an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. It wasn't possible to get an official confirmation or denial at the time, though the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine has just rolled off the presses and corroborates some of the details nicely.

So here's the original comment:

He's written a Western, a genre not seen since in Doctor Who since 1966. It's being shot in Alemria in Spain at 'Mini-Hollywood', which is a Tourist Attraction that was built around the sets from the Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns. (So expect a joke about Ponchos being cool.)"
As they did with Croatia a couple of years back, they're doing location shooting for two episodes while they're there and the rumour is that the Tabernas Desert will be standing in for the ruins of Skaro.

No mention of the second Skaro episode in the magazine, though it's confirmed that an episode being shot in Spain right now is indeed in the Western genre. So there we go. Now we know for sure.

Incidentally, the magazine also says that Farscape's Ben Browder is the episode's guest star and that it is being directed by Sal Metzstein.

Episode two, which was filming recently, is confirmed to have a Chris Chibnall screenplay and guest appearances from Rupert Graves and David Bradley alongside the snapped-on-set Mark Williams.

And, finally, it's also revealed that the series is being split into two blocks, which I assume will be divided by the Christmas special. Two episodes in the second half will be both directed by Nick Hurran and written by Steven Moffat. I think we can reasonably guess that one will be the finale.