Dogmatix is the New Uggie – Asterix Movie Still Features the Doggy Co-Star

Hey, French filmmakers. Want to get ahead, get a dog. Let Uggie show you the way to social media glory, if not Oscar night triumph.*

You know – perhaps the success of The Artist really has played a part in the selection of this new still from the upcoming Asterix movie, perhaps subtitled On Her Majesty's Service. Dogmatix sure does look cute.

And perhaps more size appropriate to his character than Edoard Baer, who makes for a slightly too-tall Asterix, perhaps.

Can't fault Depardieu's belly, though. Perfectly cartoonish.

Thanks to Lyricis for the image.

*This even applies if you're a self described 'Italianamerican' simply making a film set in France – see Hugo and Blackie the police dog.