Dominic Monaghan Delves Into The Middle-Earth Collection Box Set

In a short video, The Lord of the Rings' Dominic Monaghan takes a look at the upcoming Middle-earth Collection Blu-ray box set from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The massive set collects the extended cuts of director Peter Jackson's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies plus their associated bonus features documentaries — which are incredible documentaries in their own right.

But as Monaghan shows in the video, the key feature here is the presentation. The discs of each film placed in individual books and each can be placed on the included wooden bookcase. The collection also comes with a reproduction of the Redbook of Westmarch, the bound journal Bilbo and Frodo wrote their adventures in.

I'm not the biggest fan of The Hobbit movies, but the damned thing sure looks handsome. Of course, the price-point is absurd with an suggested retail price of $799. Amazon lists it for $719.99 and the privilege of getting it a month early. I suppose if you're a big fan of the Jackson Middle-earth films and have the spare cash, this would be a great addition to your collections. Otherwise, it's a nice thing to look at on a video.