Don Payne Gets Writer's Role On Thor 2

The freshly announced Thor 2 is to be written – or at least co-written – by ex-Simpsons scriptwriter Don Payne.

He's got some experience with superhero fare, having perpetrated My Super Ex-Girlfriend and an early draft of Rise of the Silver Surfer. Similarly, the chap I was speaking to earlier today who had, once upon a time, wiped out on his motorbike and had his entire body ripped in the centre, front to back, and only survived because his doctors were so darn clever and lucky; he has motorbiking experience. Not so sure I'd want to hop on the back of his bike, however… He may never crash again, I just don't think I'd be able to relax back there.

I'd find it hard to believe Payne will be the only writer on Thord – this is a summer tentpole, not a BBC sitcom. Whether or not anybody else picks up an actual credit or not remains to be seen.