Dreamworks Animation Working Up A Film About Blue Footed Boobies

blue footed boobyIt's the kind of press release one really needs to apply just a touch of Dave Gorman thinking to, but Dreamworks last week announced, pretty quietly, that they're making a film about Blue Footed Boobies. Meanwhile, they also made sure we know that record numbers of those birds are turning up in California, having been pretty scarce for the last half-century.

It's the bit about the film they really want us to pay attention to, of course. Dreamworks aren't really in the business of cataloging avian behaviours. Luckily, that's also the bit that falls under my mandate. Still, I'm happy to hear about the surge in Booby numbers. Go Boobies.

Over The Hedge's Karey Kirkpatrick will direct and is co-writing the film with Chris Poche. There's no indication yet who might play one of the Boobies, or when the film will be released. In fact, there's not even a title but there is a bird, and that bird will be heavily featured.