DVD Of Just One Scene From The Amazing Spider-Man To Go On Sale This Week

This is an all-new one, to me at least.

From June 15th, Walmart are going to be screening in store, and then selling on disc, a scene from The Amazing Spider-Man. The first screening is at 12.01am on the 15th, with more screenings at 10am, 3pm and 8pm throughout the rest of that day, and then it will all be repeated on June 16th.

What this footage will entail, I have no idea, but Sony are banking on it being something fans will want to see again, because they'll also be selling copies on disc. For $2.96 you'll get the scene, some behind the scenes footage and a promo for the tie-in video game. Also included will be a reprint of The Amazing Spider-Man #6, featuring the first appearance of The Lizard.

If this disc goes on sale at 12.01 on Thursday morning I give it until 12.38 before it's all been ripped and posted to the internet. Kids today, eh? Tsk.