Teaser Trailer For Sharknado 2, Official Threats Of Sharknado 3

It seems to me that Sharknado is a franchise built on a name, at most a name and a poster. An amusing name that we were tickled by as soon as we heard it, and for whole minutes afterwards.

Okay, maybe hours.

But we're sceptical about the need for a Sharknado sequel, let alone threequel. Maybe it's going to be like a Lee and Herring joke, the kind that stops being funny when you repeat it unless you just don't stop and carry on and carry on and carry on until, somehow, it becomes funny again through sheer force of absurdity.

Nobody much seems to be talking about that third film, though it has certainly been given the go ahead. SyFy apparently told AdWeek "exclusively," back in April. AdWeek!

As for part two, there's now a trailer. Dread Central's version of the video should play internationally.


Sharknado: The Second One premieres on July 30th. Sharknado: You Didn't Think We Were Going To Call It The Third One, Did You? will air at some point in 2015.