Emilia Clarke To Star In Psychological Thriller Voice From The Stone

emilia clarke

She's already Daenerys Targaryen and Sarah Connor, so Emilia Clarke should have no problem taking on evil spirits in her next film. Voice from the Stone is a 1960s psychological thriller based on the book La Voce Della Pietra by Silvio Raffo, and Clarke has just been set too play the lead role.

Clarke will play a nurse who must help a young boy through the traumatic experience of losing his mother "only to become ensnared by a malevolent force inside the family's castle." Eric D. Howell is making his directorial debut on the film, with filming scheduled to begin in Italy in November.

Should be a nice break from world domination and saving humanity for Clarke as she trades off doing Game of Thrones and Terminator for the next several years.

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