Even Cahier Du Cinema And Positif Seem To Agree That Blue Is The Warmest Colour Is Great

Blue is the Warmest Colour Positif

For years there has been a rivalry between France's two premier film magazines, Cahier du Cinema and Positif. The two magazines offer very different views of cinema and have frequently taken jabs at eachother in print, directly criticising the writing of the other publication and occasionally even throwing insults at eachother.

The two magazines rarely agree on what films are good and which are bad. Or even which are notable.

During the Cannes Film Festival there is a daily report published which details what various critics have been saying about the films that have premièred there. I always take a look at what Cahier du Cinema and Positif have to say, just to see if them continue their trend of disagreeing. The thoughts of the writers at Cahier du Cinema and Positif are so reliably diametrically opposed that I have often wondered if they ring eachother up before going to print, just to check that they don't agree.


So, it was a little surprising to see the same film gracing the cover of both of these magazines this month.

It really is a wonderful film, so good it seems that even Cahier and Postif can agree on its quality. Either that or they forgot to ring up and check the other's opinion before going to print this month.

Or perhaps they both chose the film for their covers but still have wildly differing opinions inside. Any French Little Bleeders able to confirm?

Blue is the Warmest Color will receive a limited release in America from the 25th of October and Blue is the Warmest Colour will be released in the UK on the 15th of November.