Even More Dark Shadows Stills… But Where Has The Trailer Got To?

We're drawing in on the release of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows pretty rapidly, with just a little over two months remaining on the clock. The pace of promotions seems to be picking up, with almost daily releases of new images, but we're still yet to see a single drop of footage.

It seems, from comments Burton was making in his "masterclass" at La Cinematheque Francais that he's still up to his neck in the edit and trying to get a handle on the tricky tone. He certainly had a hard time verbalising it. I expect he probably knows just what he wants, but it's tricky striking the right balance.

I reckon he can do it, though. Some of his previous films – Batman Returns, Ed Wood – have had really odd, one-off moods to them.

So, here's the latest batch of pics, with thanks to Cine Marcado.