Extraterrestrial Posters From Timecrimes' Nacho Vigalondo

I saw these posters earlier today on the blog of director Nacho Vigalondo and thought that I'd share them with you. A short few hours of rushing about later, and I see they're already going viral. That's the mark of good design, I think.

They're both for the film Extraterrestre, which translates as Extraterrestrial, unsurprisingly. It's the upcoming second feature from Nacho Vigalondo, director of the quickly-culted* Timecrimes.

You might detect some similarity to Garth Edwards' Monsters. They're both love stories amidst an alien invaded Earth (okay, it wasn't exactly an invasion in Monsters). Indeed, both Edwards and Vigalondo have made interesting distinctions between the events in their respective film to those in War of the Worlds. Each has explained how they've delivered a story in the margins of a typical blockbuster narrative, and not at centre stage.

*Culted? Can I say that? It'll have to do.