Fargo's Noah Hawley Is Thinking Hard Before Agreeing To Write More


It's all true when Noah Hawley, writer of the current Fargo TV series, says:

There's a kind of alchemy that happens when you get all the right elements in place. A lot of it is skill but some of it is luck as well.

He was talking at a press conference thrown by FX, the network that produces the show in the US, and I took the quote from Digital Spy.

While Hawley is obviously concerned about not spoiling what he's done, he did already make the decision to sequelise the original Coen Bros. film so he can't be entirely averse to such risks. Or maybe it feels different now that it would be his own record he'd be smudging.

Martin Freeman has made it very clear that he won't be coming back for more. I expect his character will be dead by the series' end.

No matter what, they've made a pretty strong show here and they should be proud of it. Even if it were to come back for lesser seasons (cough Walking Dead cough) then we'd all still have the option to just stick season one on our shelves and forget about the mess.

Just like I was ready to disregard the show completely if it couldn't sit alongside the movie.