Federico Alvarez To Direct Evil Dead Remake – Here's His Short Film Panic Attack

The short film Panic Attack, which you can see below, garnered several comparisons to Neill Blomkamp's Alive in Joburg. Many even assumed that director Federico Alvarez' first feature would be a long form expansion of the short, much as Blomkamp expanded on Alive to form District 9.

Not so. Instead, Sam Raimi and Ghost House pictures have handed Alvarez the reins on their long-planned Evil Dead remake. They do have the feature rights to the short so, maybe, perversely, this high-profile, much-anticipated remake will be a kind of feature-making proving ground for Alvarez before Ghost House can draw a sufficient budget for Panic Attack.

Bloody Disgusting got the scoop, building on last night's news that something of an Evil Dead nature was in the works.

Now, here's Panic Attack. You tell me if this screams "Give this guy the Evil Dead remake!" to you or not. It certainly didn't to me.