Filling Void In Trump Related Television, Tomorrow Studios To Develop Trump Drama "Trump: It Happened Here"

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that there isn't enough Donald Trump on television. Sure, his antics comprise about 90% of the terrifying 24-hour coverage of three cable news networks, daily network news broadcasts, all of our late night talk shows, the subject matter of speeches at all of our awards shows, and our satirical sketch comedies. But that's still not enough!

Luckily, Tomorrow Studios has picked up the pilot and second episode script for a new show called "Trump: It Happened Here," a drama retelling Trump's ascension to power that we all just lived through, which is said to be "light in tone" and aimed at a broadcast network. According to a report from Deadline, the show is based on research and reporting by white house reporter Scott Conroy, and reportedly plans to rely on people from both the Trump and Hillary Clinton campaign as consultants to make things excruciatingly accurate.

Trump: It Happened Here will have some competition, as HBO is also reportedly developing a Trump-based drama, but we think there's enough room for both, don't you? Now all we need is for the cable company to come out with a new kind of DVR that will allow us to keep up with all the Trump we can handle.



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