Ranking Film Adaptations: The Good, The Bad and Jaws

This episode Jason talks to the creative minds behind the Adapt or Perish podcast, a bi-weekly show that examines adaptations of all kinds, whether stage to screen, book to television, comic to blockbuster, or film to musical and back again. The hosts are Arielle Lipshaw (dramaturg, director, voiceover artist, and knitting enthusiast) and Jeremy Latour (filmmaker and media geek). You can find their show wherever you find your podcasts and at  https://www.adaptorperishcast.com/

Film Adaptations: The Good, The Bad and Jaws
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The question of how to discuss adaptation is tricky– the hosts found that their best conversations come out when they can dive deep into works that have had many iterations, allowing them to compare and contrast, such as with perennial works like DraculaFrankenstein or Little Women or the various incarnations of Sherlock Holmes. They've created a ranking system ("The Quadrants") that tracks how much the creators of a film seemed to care about the underlying work versus the resulting quality of the work. (They're quick to point out that "this is, of course, subjective.") Some of the best moments come when they stop to dramatically read from the pages of books that have been adapted, especially hilariously soapy moments in Peter Benchley's Jaws. Jaws turns out to be a book that stands nearly alone as a classic, focused film from a wayward, unfocused book.

The Adapt or Perish podcast is all over the place– you can hear them on  Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play Music and find them on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, or email them at adaptorperishcast@gmail.com.

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