Nobody Told Me About This – Veronica Mars Has Been Released On DVD In The UK

veronica mars

Over the years, I have imported very many copies of Veronica Mars season one to the UK and given them away to friends. I fell in love with this super-funny, Whedon-pleasing mystery show back when it was screening on US TV and wanted to share it with my friends back home. Most of them went on the import seasons two and three for themselves pretty soon afterwards.


I've just found out – thanks to a bit of Amazon wandering – that the show's three seasons have, apparently at some point recently, been released on UK-format DVDs too. So, if for any reason you had an excuse before, you don't now, and those last few friends of mine that just wouldn't multi-region-ise their DVD players… they now know what they'll be getting for Christmas.

The Veronica Mars movie is out in just two weeks. I'm very excited.