Now Is The Time To Buy All The James Bond Movies On Blu-ray, Including Skyfall

Bond 50

The Bond 50 Blu-ray set features all the James Bond films up until 2012 and is currently only $109.99 on Amazon right now, 63% off the full price of $299.99.

One film the Bond 50 set doesn't contain is the latest 007 picture, Skyfall, but it does have a slot for that film to go in. Conveniently Skyfall is currently 63% off too at $14.99 for the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy set. So you can pick up every Bond film to date for only $124.98.

The discs are all region free, including Skyfall, so regardless of which region you are locked to, if you are indeed locked, you are free to import this set. A couple of the transfers, most notably Goldeneye, have received some criticism for unnecessary DNR but this is probably the best versions of the films that we are going to see for some time. I suspect MGM will resist the temptation to release another set for quite a while, despite the upcoming 24th James Bond film.

The set was a little cheaper for one day in 2012 but hasn't been this cheap since then. I didn't grab it then but I'm just about to now, and the Skyfall disc too. I've not seen it since it was in cinemas and I can't wait to bask in Roger Deakins gorgeous cinematography again.

Once they arrive I can also then attempt an Alan Partridge style James Bond marathon. But thankfully not on VHS.