Now Is The Time To Buy Lots Of Horror Blu-ray And DVD Box-Sets

Resident EvilHallowe'en is just over three weeks away and if you're planning on having a horror movie night in then Amazon's got you covered.

Their weekly deal this week is a number of horror themed Blu-rays and DVDs at discounted prices. It's definitely a mixed bag but there are some good films for an all night Hallowe'en marathon in amongst the more questionable titles.

Here's the list of box-sets discounted (including the current prices as I'm writing this), followed by some thoughts on the sets.

Scream (1-3 + 2 documentaries) Blu-ray set – $14.49 42% off

Scream (1-3) DVD set – $11.49 42% off

The Resident Evil Collection (1-5) Blu-ray Set – $41.49 57% off

Underworld The Legacy Collection (1-4) Blu-ray Set – $31.99 58% off

Mimic (1-3) Blu-ray set – $11.99 40% off

Mimic (1-3) DVD set – $11.49 42% off

Scary Movie (1-3) Blu-ray set – $14.49 42% off

Saw (1-3) DVD set $19.49 44% off

Leprechaun (1-5) DVD set – $24.99 50%

After Dark Horrorfest Vol.4 DVD Set – $46.99 61% off

After Dark Horrorfest 8 Films To Die For DVD Set – $47.49 60% off

Ghost House Underground 8 Film DVD Set – $47.99 60%

Not a box-set, but Amazon also have The Last Exorcism Blu-ray discounted to $6.97 (65%). Daniel Stamm's film is a wonderful and wildly misunderstood gem and I may well pick up a couple of copies for friends at that price.

Probably the best deal amongst the discounted sets is the Scream set, which includes the first three films and two documentaries. There is a set which includes the fourth film but it's actually significantly cheaper to buy the set with the first three and then buy the fourth separately. I've not actually bought the Scream films on Blu-ray as I'd been holding off for them to be cheaper – I only really like the first two and the discs reportedly have a few minor issues, such as unskippable ads – but this is just the right price point for me to finally take the leap.

The Resident Evil set is one that has sat on my Amazon wish list for some time, as I have a real soft spot for what I think is an unfairly maligned series of films. There are some significant missteps in the series and some very daft choices made by the three directors involved but there's also plenty of entertaining and visually inventive action too. At just over eight dollars a film I think it's time to give them another watch.

I already have the Leprechaun discs and have watched the films included far more times than I care to admit. I'm not sure I know quite how to justify this or how to argue why anyone else should watch them but there's just something about them I really like – especially the fourth one. The fifth and sixth film aren't included in this set, but that's really no great loss.

The After Dark sets look like the kind of DVD sets that generally feature seven weak films and one that's quite good. Unfortunately I've not seen any of the films featured but may take a punt on the pick 'n' mix selections on offer. The same goes for the Ghost House Underground set, which is supposedly a selection "hand picked by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert".

Now I just need to convince my horror-averse girlfriend to actually agree to watching a ton of horror films for Hallowe'en.

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