Now Is The Time To Buy The Dark Knight Trilogy On Blu-ray

Dark Knight TrilogyPart of me wonders if there's anyone reading this that wants to own the The Dark Knight trilogy set on Blu-ray but doesn't already.

But then maybe, like me, you're not much of a fan of the third film and have therefore held off on picking it up.

Well, like me, you may then be tempted by Amazon's current price for The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray set. Amazon have dropped the price of the set to just $23.99, 55% off the list price of $52.99.

The discs in this set are reportedly region free, although I don't have the discs, yet, so can't confirm. It's currently £27.50 in the UK, so even with shipping it works out cheaper when ordered from America.

Or maybe you're waiting for that crazy Ultimate Collector's Edition that's coming out later this month. I think I'll stick with the regular set myself.

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