Now Is The Time To Stock Up On Joss Whedon DVDs And Blu-Rays

joss whedonThis week's deals at Amazon favour the TV output of Joss Whedon, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer through to Dollhouse. I have every last season boxset of Buffy and Angel but I'm tempted to get these all-in-one boxes for the new supplement discs. At this price, anyway.

I have a Joss Whedon addiction issue, I guess.

The DVDs will be USA, Region 1 and NTSC. The Firefly and Dollhouse seaon one Blu-rays are region free and always worth having.

Incidentally, Dollhouse season two isn't part of the deal but is almost as cheap at $18.49 on Blu-ray and $14.96 on DVD and, boy, that thing wrapped up in fine style.