First Clips From Kyle Killen's Awake – And It Looks Great

Created by The Beaver's screenwriter Kyle Killen, Awake – formally known as REM – is a new series commission from NBC that everybody is already comparing to Inception. Tsk.

Thankfully, the show itself appears to have a lot more imagination than those writing about it. I've read, and loved, the pilot script and now, NBC have put the first footage from the series online. They're not committing to a schedule for when this will hit the air, so this early preview could be very early.

Jason Isaacs stars as the recently bereaved Detective Michael Britten. These clips go some way to setting up his unique predicament, and the unusual perspective it gives him.

Okay, it seems very dialogue driven in a way that TV will slip into all too much, but it's good dialogue, a great cast, and there's some brilliant narrative construction going on. With Locke and Key cruelly consigned to obscurity, Awake is my pick for the new show to keep a close eye on.

Finally, here's a couple of interview clips with Isaacs and co-star Wilmer Valderrama.