First Image From Marvel's New SHIELD Caper, Item 47, With Lizzy Caplan And A Big, Bad Gun

Ever wondered what happened to all of the alien bric-a-brac left scattered across New York at the end of The Avengers? No, of course not. That's the kind of thing that just gets magicked away. Well, unless you're reading an issue of Damage Control.

Or, now, watching the Marvel One Shot short film, Item 47.

First Image From Marvel's New SHIELD Caper, Item 47, With Lizzy Caplan And A Big, Bad Gun

EW have the first info on the film, which is to be premiered at Comic Con next week. It's going to star Lizzy Caplan, who you can see in the image above, and Jesse Bradford. I calculate an 83% chance to you fancy either one or both of them. They're movie-pretty people.

In Item 47, Caplan and Bradford are playing a young couple who get their hands on one of the Chitauri guns that were left behind, and use it to go on a crime spree. SHIELD dispatch a pair of agents, played by Maximiliano Hernández and Titus Welliver, to bring the weapon back into safe hands. A rather fun concept, so hats off to writer Eric Pearson for that.

The film has a twelve minute run time, around three times longer than the previous Coulson-centric One Shot films. Next stop twenty two minutes. Get that format down and then we can have a Marvel anthology TV show. Thanks.

Okay, that's a pipe dream, but Marvel do say they are planning to include a short on every one of their Blu-rays from here on out, with scripting underway now for Iron Man 3 and Thor 2's accompaniments. Whether or not these films will ever be used to introduce new "series" characters remains to be seen, though I wouldn't be surprised to see minor players first brought into the 'verse this way. I do expect, however, that your Ant Men and Wasps and so on will be left to the after credit button scenes and mid-movie cameos. At least for now.

Item 47 sounds like one of the most fun bits of comic-to-film business at Comic Con. I'll be doing my best to see it – which will mean, apparently, singing for my supper and following clues in the new Avengers iPad app when it's released on Friday.