First Images From Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation

There are two images from the first* Toy Story short, Hawaiian Vacation, in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. Courtesy of a bit of flatbed scanner action, they've also been dragged online. Here they are:

Love the Pricklepants.

The short has been directed by Gary Rydstrom, the one time sound designer who made something of a splash with his debut minitoon Lifted and was directing the Pixar feature Newt before it got gazumped by Rio and ended up on the shelf.

We'll get to see Hawaiian Vacation before Cars 2.

These scans were executed by The Playlist, so send your spitballs and lawyers that way.

*Unless you count all of the other shorts that you'll find packed away on the DVDs. I guess this is the first of a new wave, so we're all starting the count over again.