First Jack Reacher Image: Tom Cruise Has An Escape Plan

First Jack Reacher Image: Tom Cruise Has An Escape Plan

There's our first image of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, or if you pay any heed to the plaintiffs across the blogosphere, Jack Reacher's Mini Me.

The film is adapted from Lee Child's thriller novel, One Shot, which is anything but: there are plenty of Jack Reacher novels now. The reason this one was picked to start the franchise, perhaps, is it's the only one where the plot gets moving before Reacher becomes involved.

The book has been adapted by adept writer-director Christopher McQuarrie, so I'm expecting good things.

EW provide some context for this "first look image." The shot comes from a sequence depicting "a high-speed game of hide-and-seek" (contrast with Alex Cross' "high stakes game of cat and mouse" for a cliche-off) and reveals Reacher's bold escape plan:

Reacher has momentarily escaped view and steps out of the slowly rolling Chevelle to make a quiet, chameleon-like escape while the vehicle drifts away, gathering speed toward that bus in the distance and the Sixth Street Bridge beyond it. It's a risky calculation, but Reacher thinks he knows where the cops will keep their attention.

It might… just… work…

Werner Herzog is the big bad in this film. That'll sell tickets. Not many, but they'll be REAL SOLD anyhow.