First Teaser For Space Dandy, The Latest Show From The Creator Of Cowboy Bebop

A couple of weeks ago I did a round-up of all the information about Shinichirō Watanabe's new show, Space Dandy, that had come out of Otakon. The post featured info on the tone of the show, images and breakdowns of the characters and some interesting details regarding how the series will play out.

One thing it didn't include though was any footage. A teaser was shown at Otakon and, unsurprisingly, it was filmed by some of those in attendance. It was pretty awful quality though and obviously not official. A high quality version of the Space Dandy teaser has now been posted online by Bandai and you can watch it below.

This isn't exactly NSFW but it is probably inappropriate for work. There are a lot of shots of the women from the "Hooters-like establishment" mentioned at Otakon.


Looks like a lot of fun.

Space Dandy is set to air in Japan in January 2014 and Watanabe hopes that will also air in America shortly afterwards.