First Trailer For CBGB Suggests It's A Lighthearted Look At Punk

There are some reasonably good impersonations of punk rock icons in this trailer for CBGB, but also some really awful ones that made me cringe a fair bit.


I found that all pretty rough going to be honest.

It's all rather pleasant and it's nice to see Alan Rickman without a boy wizard nearby – well there is still one hanging around pretending to be in The Dead Boys – but there's something really lacking in that trailer. It's just so frothy and lighthearted.

CBGB has become such an iconic venue because of the importance of the bands that played there and a lot of those bands had a real bite to them.

The name CBGB brings to mind The Dead Boys, The Ramones, Suicide and later The Misfits and Bad Brains. It brings to mind grime, punk and rebellion.

That trailer doesn't feel in keeping with any of that. Even the appearance of 'The Ramones' in the trailer feels like it shares more with the popularity of Ramones T-Shirts in high street clothes shops than it does with the thrilling and highly influential punk rock band.

I really hope this trailer was cut broadly in the hope of drawing in a large audience because if it's representative of the actual film then that's not a film I want to see.