First Trailer For Kasi Lemmons' Black Nativity

It's been six years since Kasi Lemmons' superb Petey Greene picture Talk To Me, and that came six years after her previous film, The Caveman's Valentine. I certainly wish she made more movies because, so far, I've been both totally gripped and really moved by every one.

As you might expect from the subject matter and title, the release of Lemmons' next picture, Black Nativity, will come close to the end of the year. Here though, at the height of Summer, is the first trailer.


I've never seen Langston Hughes' original stage musical, but I understand that this adaptation will give us a clearer narrative through-line between the song and dance numbers.

It looks like a tricky project to pull off but Lemmons is the real deal. I think she's got a great chance of nailing it.

Black Nativity is set for release in the US on November 27th. I'll let you know about a UK release when I know.