First Teaser For Super-Hot Halle Berry Sci-Fi Show, Extant

Mickey Fisher's script for the pilot episode of Extant's become a real hot commodity and sparked a genuine bidding war amongst the US TV networks. In the end, CBS stumped up for a thirteen episode order and work got underway at Amblin TV.

What's more, Steven Spielberg decided to add his name above the title, so he would seem to be rather confident that this thing will be a hit.

The show will star Halle Berry as a the mother of one android child and another, which might be rather special in its own way too, in utero. Most of the show's secrets are still under wraps but the promise is that, as the series goes on, Extant will turn out to be really surprising stuff.

Here's the first teaser which, really, only thickens the mystery.


CBS will debut the series on Wednesday July 2nd. Amazon have the streaming rights sewn up for the autumn.