First Trailer For The Expendables 3 – UPDATE: FAKE

UPDATE: The original story is left below, but… this is a fake, isn't it? I just watched it again and… Harrison Ford isn't recreating Ender's Game, that's actually a shot from Ender's Game. And the Statham shot is from Hummingbird/Redemption, I think. And so on. The real Expendables 3 trailer will be along soon…

ORIGINAL STORY: Something is up. The Expendables 3 is directed by Red Hill's Patrick Hughes, a very talented chap, so… why are so many of the compositions in this trailer so off? Surely he'd have spotted this?

Well, it looks like, really, there's some ridiculous cropping going on at the top and bottom of the image, black bars crushing head and chin room and throwing eyelines out of whack.

On the plus side, there is a great bit where you get to see the names of The Expendables written out in a list. And what names. Still loving those names.


Was that a wax model of Harrison Ford? And was it really re-enacting a scene from Ender's Game?

Thanks to everybody on Twitter for the link.