First Trailers For Aaron Sorkin's New HBO Show The Newsroom And True Blood Season 5

Last night, the first episode of the new series of Game of Thrones gave HBO a great platform to trailer two of their more keenly anticipated upcoming series.

First, let's sweep True Blood season five.

A pretty basic little teaser. Probably means a lot more to fans of the show so if you are such a fan, please do explain what the hook is in this teaser. If there is one.

This trailer for The Newsroom is more accessible. For one thing, it's for a show that hasn't started airing yet, so it's ground-floor stuff. This is Aaron Sorkin's take on TV news, and its anticipated that he'll offer us something as exciting and incisive as The West Wing or Sports Night.

Yep – he's still Aaron Sorkin. And, yep – it's obviously about a whole lot more than TV news.

I think we'll be seeing a good number more trailers for The Newsroom as the weeks go by, counting us down to the show's premiere date of June 24th.