First UK Trailer For New Zombie-Ish TV Series, The Returned, In The Flesh Commissioned For Second Series

TV is proving to be rather good to fans of the undead right now. There's The Walking Dead, of course, but there are also some less conventional, more surprising alternatives. A golden age of festering, shuffling meat.

Consider the BBC's In The Flesh. It's this year's best genre offering by the Beeb – at least to date, and in the UK – this show easily leapfrogged Doctor Who in terms of intrigue, appeal and value of meaning. I was very pleased, then, to learn that the BBC have recommissioned the show for a second run.

If you're playing catch up, the first three-part season of In The Flesh will kick off on BBC America on June 6th. Fully recommended.

Meanwhile, Channel 4 are gearing up to start screening the French show The Returned. This is a do-over of a film, 2004's Les Revenants. I liked the original and love this trailer for the new, TV version.