Five Character Posters For Luc Besson's The Family

When I hear the name Luc Besson I still immediately think Subway, Nikita, Leon and Fifth Element. But then I'm quickly reminded of the less than satisfying one-two punch of Joan of Arc and Angel-A.

Those films seemed to represent the end of one period and the start of another for Besson, with a six year break in between.

2005, the year Angel-A was released, was also the first year in which Besson seemed to go into overdrive with producing work, putting his name to films such as Colombiana and Taken 2.

What I'm saying, in a far too roundabout way, is that I walk in to a new Besson film with a lot of baggage. I really want to see the work of that filmmaker I long respected, but I'm worried because of his more recent choices.

I'm quite optimistic about his latest film, The Family, as the trailers have been pretty good so far and he's assembled a capable cast. Lets hope The Family is more of that old Besson that I was such a fan of.

Five new character posters have emerged online, I first saw them here, and they handily introduce you to some of the cast and characters.

The Family Character Poster 1 The Family Character Poster 2 The Family Character Poster 3 The Family Character Poster 4 The Family Character Poster 5

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