Flash Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg Calls Flashpoint A "Personal" Story


Despite the cosmic implications of the Flashpoint event title in the comics, its television version will be a more personal story of what Barry Allen will give up to be happy.

According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg — while speaking to Entertainment Weekly — he and the writers were always more interested in what the drastic alteration to the timeline would do to Barry and his life. "The stakes in this [first] episode are very much just about Barry, his existence and the people that he loves," he said.

The first episode of the season will pick up several months after Barry altered the timeline to save his parents. While Kreisberg calls it a "happy place" of sorts for Barry, he is still cognizant of the cost. Namely: his relationship to Joe West and the rest of Team Flash. "That's one of the challenges that Barry has to overcome in the episode," the producer explained.

Despite all those changes, Barry will still have his powers and his connection to Iris, which seems to transcend time and space.

And as previously reported, the Flashpoint timeline will not last long, but Kreisberg confirmed earlier reports that Barry's actions will have repercussions throughout the year.

The Flash returns October 4th on The CW.