Footage From The Legend Of Zelda Movie That Nintendo Didn't Want

It's been a good while since I heard any talk about Imagi Entertainment and their proposal for a Legend of Zelda movie, and until now I was never really sure it was more than gossip.

But it looks like a demonstration scene has now rolled onto the internet, showing exactly what they had in mind.

And exactly what Nintendo said no to.


According to Game Informer, that was posted online by its DP and layout supervisor, Adam Holmes.

Holmes also shared this comparison clip, showing the finished shots alongside their early layout versions.


Well, if nothing else, that seems more true to the video games than the Super Mario Bros. movie. Would it have been a good film? Well, there's not really any substance in these videos, so who could tell?

In any case, Nintendo are right to be protective of their flagship RPG characters and story lines… and wrong to not capitalise on them with a movie. They just need to get the right talent involved.