Fredrik Bond Attached To Both Year 12 And Hovercar 3D

Fredrik Bond Attached To Both Year 12 And Hovercar 3DFredrik Bond, erstwhile director of commercials and music videos, is working on a couple of big-screen sci-fi projects. Souds like he's the new Joseph Kosinski. Or Carl Erik Rinsch.  Or David Fincher. Come back this time next week for news on who will be the new Fredrik Bond.

The first of the two films to come to light was Year 12, an alien invasion film set eleven thirteen twelve years after Earth has fallen to intergalactic imposers. The Wrap seem to believe the film is currently on it's way to the screen despite having just been put into turnaround by Paramount.

The lead character in the film is an underwater uranium miner who lives in Manhattan and gets recruited to leave the big city and carry uranium in his blood to the bomb making anti-alien resistance fighters (ie. terrorists). There's some aliens, some brigands and even some cannibals to overcome before he can give his blood to the cause. The draft I read was quite turgid but I'd imagine a lot of work has been done in the meantime.

Year 12 was written by Edward Ricourt, an alumni of the Marvel Studio Writing Programme. His script Now You See Me, about stage magicians pulling a heist, is a lot more fun.

Now. Bond has meanwhile also become attached to Hovercar 3D, a project that The LA Times are calling "Harry Potter, but with racing?", but wasn't that Speed Racer? Sort of?

The film is to be adapted from Matthew Reilly's Hover Car Racer, a young reader novel about an… er… racer of hover cars who takes an informant on the run from corrupt government agents. The film will be in 3D and there will be toy cars aplenty for sale, so it's just in the wheelhouse of current-era Disney.

Apparently Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are writing or producing, or both, because LAT say:

…the property was actually set up at Disney six years ago with the creators responsible for Smallville, who remain involved.

Bond has also been linked to the big-screen Hack/Slash movie. I'd say it's impossible to guess which of these films will go into production first.