Fright Night Poster Shows David Tennant In Mean Mode

UPDATE: Or not… a Little Bleeder seems to have fooled us. Ths was a DeviantArt project – albeit a rather good one! Time for a spanking…

David Tennant's role in the Fright Night do-over is Peter Vincent. Who he? The poster describes him like this:

Entertainer. Collector. Vampire Killer?

No need to be coy. You can lose the question mark.

Seems like he's had a bit of a shave since we last saw him. I'm calling fake beard.

What Fright Night has going for it is, to some extent, director Craig Gillespie, and to a greater extent, writer Marti Noxon. That cast can't hurt either. I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be a really solid little charmer.