From Dusk Till Dawn TV Show To Premiere On Netflix In UK And Ireland, Many Other Countries

While Robert Rodriguez's own El Rey Network will play host to the TV version of From Dusk Till Dawn in the US, the show was without a home for much of the rest of the world. This morning, however, Netflix announced that they will be streaming the show to their international markets. I'm not sure how far that goes but I do know it includes the UK and Ireland.

The first episode will land on March 12th, under a week from now, with each subsequent one added within hours of it screening in the US, Wednesday upon Wednesday. This is the same model that Netflix used for Breaking Bad and will, apparently, use for Better Call Saul later on this year.

I won't pretend I'm not rather happy about this. I'm more than curious about From Dusk Till Dawn, and I like to see more and more "original," or at least debutant, content on Netflix.

Here's El Rey's trailer for the show.