G.I. Joe 3's Aaron Berg To Write Borderlands Feature

-borderlands-claptrap-meet-the-voice-behind-gaming-s-favorite-robot-26b49ab150With the tide seemingly changing in regards to video game feature film adaptations, word comes from The Hollywood Reporter than G.I. Joe 3 writer Aaron Berg will adapt Borderlands for Lionsgate.

The popular first person shooter centers on treasure hunters on the far flung planet of Pandora and wild assortment of settlements, characters and dangers one finds while trying to uncover the vault.

It is unclear how much of the game's storyline will be incorporated into Berg's script. Video game adaptations famously disregarded key details in films like Super Mario Bros. and the low-budget work of Uwe Boll. But with bigger money at play, attempts at more faithful work have begun.

20th Century Fox and Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed appears to inhabit the world of the game company's long-running stealth-and-sometimes-pirates series while telling the tale of a new 15th Century Spanish Assassin character played by Michael Fassbender and his modern-day descendant (also Fassbender).

With a looser storyline, but an iconic world, Berg have plenty of wiggle room to create characters out of whole cloth as the studio begins to unravel what Pandora will mean to them. Even if that means fans will have to wait for Claptrap and Handsome Jack.