General Zod Wants You to Kneel… and Vote if You're in Ontario, Canada

If you're driving around the province of Ontario, Canada, you'll notice that in about a week you'll be asked to vote for a new Premier. And judging by the yard signs, you have four options: Progressive Conservative Party leader Doug Ford (brother of the late troubled former Toronto mayor Rob Ford), the New Democratic Party's Andrea Horwath, current Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne, or Kryptonian military leader General Zod. Sadly, as Zod is a fictional character from DC Comics, he is not officially on the ballot, but that doesn't change the potential ground swell of support that appears to be kneeling before him.

General Zod Wants You to Kneel… and Vote if You're in Ontario, Canada

How did the image of Terence Stamp from the 1978 and 1980 Superman films end up on yard signs? According to reports this was the work of Zoltan Hawryluk of Toronto, who came up with the idea after a few drinks two weeks ago, but it has caught on and started being reprinted and posted in various yards across the city. He made a high res version available for anyone who wants it. The post includes a campaign slogan of "Less Evil than the Other Guy."

But it hasn't stopped there. Someone other than Hawryluk seemed to like the idea of Dru-Zod… yes, his first name isn't General, to be the new premiere of the province and started up a General Zod for Premier Twitter account.

The bio for the twitter account reads: "General Zod is dedicated to the subjugation of the people of Ontario. He is a ruthless dictator. In short, a better choice than Doug Ford." And it suggests Ursa for Minister of Subjugation and Non as Minister of Smiting.

Now I know that Zod is basically a bad guy, but he always had Krypton's best interest at heart and compared to some of the other politicians that have been running lately, He doesn't seem so bad. It will be interesting to see how many write-in votes he gets.

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