Get A Good Look At Rick Baker's Retro Aliens From Men In Black 3

Amongst a gallery of behind the scenes shots for the upcoming Men in Black threequel are some images of Rick Baker's alien creations. There's a few of the villain, Boris, as played by Jemaine Clement, but much more interesting are the supporting players. Seeing as a good chunk of the film takes place in the nineteen sixties, the character designs have something of a retro look to reflect this.

That's the masterstroke of the film, I think: I want to see sixties aliens. Shame that they'e kept all of the Men in Black 's tech still very modern looking – those wheel bike things, for example. What a missed opportunity.

Here are the images, each featuring Rick Baker in alongside his alien offspring. Some of these contain ideas and images not yet released in the marketing, but I don't know if I could call them spoilers.

Those are pretty huge in their native state, so click on through for better resolution.

Incidentally, if you keep dialling through the gallery at Stark Industries, you'll get to some pictures of weapons from the film, marked with the Bleeding Cool logo. They're some shots I took last Autumn at the Big Screen event.