Get A Sense Of The Justice League Movie That Almost Was With A Read-Through Of Justice League: Mortal

Back in 2007, before anyone thought The Avengers would be a successful motion picture, Warner Bros. had a plan to bring the Justice League to the big screen in Justice League: Mortal. With a script by Kieran and Michele Mulroney, Mad Max director George Miller had cast the likes of Armie Hammer as Batman and Common as Green Lantern. But further rewrites could not be completed before the writers' strike of that year and soon the momentum to make the the film dissipated.

Luckily, the script made its way into the wild and the Comic Bug (via Defective Geeks) organized a complete two-and-a-half hour table read featuring Casper Van Dien as Superman and Adam Marcus as the Narrator and Alfred Pennyworth, Jennifer Wenger as Wonder Woman, Tracy Drolet as Iris Allen, Curtis Fortier as The Flash, Will Dixon as Batman, Nathan Hedrick as Maxwell Lord, Scott Koblish as the Martian Manhunter, Brother Eye and OMAC Alpha, Debra Sullivan as Talia al Ghul, Cole Rommel as Wally West, Rafael Navarro as Aquaman/Arthur Curry and Eddie Jordan III as Green Lantern.


The plot takes elements from The Death of Superman, Justice League: Tower of Babel and maybe even shades of Countdown to Infinite Crisis. And while a script certainly changes as a project is filmed and edited, the table read at least offers a glimpse at the Justice League movie that almost was.