Ginnifer Goodwin Can Juggle It All: The Once Upon A Time Star Talks Touring And Her New Baby

It's a happy day for Oncers, because happy news has come our way! Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas make it easy to be fans, because not only are they married with children on the hit ABC show Once Upon a Time, but they can say the same for their every day lives.

The couple welcomed a new son, named Hugo yesterday, and we can't help but wonder how Ginnifer has time to do it all. Ginnifer spoke about her life expressing that everything is going well, but her schedule is a bit crazy…

"Now I'm running after a toddler, working on a series and doing a press tour."

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With a second baby around, they'll have to bring them to set. Once Upon a Time should begin shooting their sixth season really soon. Storybrooke certainly wouldn't be the same without the couple that started it all.



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