Gods Of Egypt's Alex Proyas Harangues Critics For Consensus Opinion

gods of egyptWhile claiming he is not angry at the response to his most recent film, Gods of Egypt, director Alex Proyas took to his Facebook page over the last day to attack the critical community for its alleged tendency to form a consensus opinion.

"None of them are brave enough to say 'well I like it' if it goes against consensus. Therefore they are less than worthless," he wrote. "Now that anyone can post their opinion about anything from a movie to a pair of shoes to a hamburger, what value do they have – nothing."

He named the late Roger Ebert as one of the few critics with an able mind and understanding about film. "He was a true film lover at least, a failed film-maker, which gave him a great deal of insight," he explained. The rest, he continued, are "a pack of diseased vultures pecking at the bones of a dying carcass. Trying to peck to the rhythm of the consensus."

Since the earliest trailer for Gods of Egypt, online communities have criticized the film for whitewashing the Egyptian pantheon with a cast predominately comprised of Northern European actors. The film, which was released last Friday, failed to connect with general audiences. According to Variety, the film made $14 million over the weekend.

In a subsequent post, Proyas pointed to reviews of the film that "perfectly reflect the opinions of 'hate' bloggers before the movie opened."

To the director, the predetermined choice to hate the film prevented it from a proper critical appraisal. Of course, it is difficult to determine how much power overwhelming critical response has on a film's performance. The Transformers films have never been critical darlings, but continue to become top worldwide money makers.

Proyas also noted his films have never been well-received by critics until years after release. Perhaps time will give Gods of Egypt some other status or acknowledgement.