Stephen Amell Is The Green Arrow

The CW have selected Stephen Amell to play Oliver Queen in their new pilot, Arrow. If all goes to plan this will be a new series, reinventing Green Arrow slightly, with young and (because it's US TV) sexy characters.

Here's a picture of Amell:

And that's more or less everything I know about him.

We already ran a breakdown of the dramatis personae, and it would seem that the next big juicy role to fill will be that of Dinah Lance, a putative Black Canary. Dinah and Oliver could be star-making roles… or… yeah. Dean Cain. Tom Welling. Them Gotham Birds Wotsit ladies. Maybe not.

Deadline say that David Nutter will be directing the pilot. His first sixteen pilots – which included Millennium, Smallville, Without a Trace and The Mentalist – all went to series, but he broke that streak last year with The Doctors. Which way will Arrow go?